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So frustrated with QVC’s website!

I purchased the Cuddle Duds TSV in two colors. I tried to find the wrap gor it by searching through Cuddle Duds but couldn’t find it. Finally, when it aired snd i had the number, their website page had no header! I had no search function, I couldn’t check to see which colors in what sizes I bought, nothing!!! I went to both the regular page and the page for your phone. I turned off my phone a rebooted, same pages lacking the header! I am so frustrated I wanted to cancel my order! I would call but husband is asleep, and I don’t want to wake him by talking. (I watch without sound using closed caption, lol.) Now they say the choices on the wrap are almost all gone. I have noticed that certain pages load so slowly, especially when inputting g my password. I called them to ask about that one day, and I was told it happens. They said the app for the phone sometimes dies that do use the website. Both were problematic. Anyone else encounter issues online?
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Re: So frustrated with QVC’s website!

Wrap A393556. Sorry you're having problems viewing. Be well @Lottapaws.

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Re: So frustrated with QVC’s website!


I had trouble for 2 days with the website on my computer (not my phone app - that was fine). There was no header, no footer, no way to sign in or out, no menu bar, and nowhere to search.


It was making me crazy.


I did what they always recommend to people who have trouble and deleted my cookies.


Fixed! Yay! If you are still having trouble, try that...