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I like it and the price is great!  Any one else like it?

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Wow! Its a great deal- Those type of tops don't look good on  me, but I really like it on the model- If you like it get it! The colors are great too!

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its a repeat, I got it last time and love it


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I saw it, I like it.  For me, it would be a dressy type of outfit.  I don't wear Slink but my fashion challenged friend wears only Slinky and Anthony.  20 years and those are the only clothes she wears.  She's working but I called and left a vm msg for her.  I suggested that she buy 2 sets and then get rid of 2 of her older Slinky sets.  

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Isn't the Kim Gravel make up the TSV?

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@travone they are referring to the Today's Special on HSN

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I like some Slinky things for work but the TS isn’t something I’d wear to work so I’m passing.


I really like the vendor; she always, without exception, comes well prepared and gives wonderful presentations. 

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I think it's super cute, but I'm not buying.  I have more than enough clothes.

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I do own Slinky, but this TS is an easy pass.