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What a great idea (no tying).  I would love a pair but you should go up 1/2 size if you wear w/socks.  I wear a size 10 and there is no 10-1/2 size.  , Sketchers you need to offer 1/2 sizes for 10, 11 & 12.  I don't understand why you stop at size 9 for 1/2 sizes.  Plus there are a lot of women with larger feet today.

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I love the hot pink color. but prefer to have some padding on the back of the heel so I don't get blisters.  Still on the fence about this one.

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I am a fan of Skechers; however, I do not appreciate the memory foam footbeds now.  It fills up the shoe, making sizing difficult and takes up room so my feet cannot spread out as comfortably.  Having said that, I was tempted by the TSV but have not purchased.

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I just love these shoes I ordered 3 pairs !! Navy black and the off white. Sketches are the only brand I can wear ever since I hurt my foot. 

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Alas I have a narrow foot and Skechers are way to wide for me. The pink is cute!  Enjoy to all who get them. 

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Re: Sketcher TSV 7/9/19

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I only wear this athletic looking gym shoe for exercising and I need a tie shoe for support so I'd never wear these.  


I love the hot pink color but I had a pair of Skechers slip-on gym shoes with the bungee cords and the memory foam footbed.  I didn't like them at all.  I bought them for walking my dog but without ties, my ankles didn't get enough support.  I also found the memory foam footbed made my feet and ankles turn inward and I never have that problem with other shoes.  


I prefer Ryka for my athletic shoes.    

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No ma'am I didn't size up I wear a 9 and half and that's what  got.I have another pull on kinda like the tsv and if anything was a tad to big but with socks they are perfect.

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I love Sketchers, but the bungee lace style. I'm not into the "look" of laces, but a slip-on style. They look nice, but I can get the same type of deal at the Sketchers store, and be able to try them on. This is not a great price. 

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I wish they would also offer the tied lace style for men...The bungee style is great and I like that but this one has the look of tied shoes without the effort. 

I wish QVC would offer shoes, clothing for couples.  Similar shoes would be great to get our spouses walking/exercising with us Smiley Happy