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@avid shopper I have the same furry "pod" bottoms and love them.  I've worn them as my houseshoes for a few years and they're still comfy, but showing their age and could stand to be replaced.  I'm a little wary about these although I do like them.  Waiting for reviews is a good suggestion, thanks.



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I like this style.  In fact have a pair of these from when they first came out and never found too much fur lining inside.


I'm afraid to order 'cause if they're saying the sizing is off, imho there might be more 'off'.

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I also do no get why they would have the clogs this time of year .  The sizing piece of this is so unusual---I am passing

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I have one pair of this brand and think they are way overrated, no sale for me and I love clogs.

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I am also disappointed with clogs as the TSV this time of year. First Earth, now Skechers.  I was really hoping for some nice boots.

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I was really on the fence with these. I love clogs because they're comfortable and so easy to slip on and off. I live in an area where we typically don't get a lot of snow, so they're perfect for my retired lifestyle. But - I've been burned too many times ordering shoes and then having to return them because they don't fit. I'm passing on these and will see if I can find them at my local Macy's so I can try them on. It sounds like the entire shoe should have been redesigned.

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I wasn't that interested. I have a few pair of Birkenstocks that have been my "house" shoes for a while. I watched the presentation at midnight, and I was drawn to the fur lining inside - my feet get cold in the winter, even inside. These would keep them warm and cozy inside. But did I really NEED them? This morning I remembered I have a pair of summer boat shoes that I love and that are really comfortable, but I couldn't remember the brand. I don't wear shoes much in the warmer months. I looked inside and saw they were Skechers Go Walks. So I came downstairs and ordered the navy! Smiley Wink

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I am just a gluton for punishment.  Every pair of shoes I order from QVC gets returned.  I just returned the clogs Earth TSV.  They were so heavy and big and would not stay on my feet and just ugly on my feet.  Well I orderd these.  I am not a big clog wearer but I like to have a pair of shoes I can easily slip on and take the dogs out or whatever.  I ordered down a half size so hoping to finally get a pair that fits.  

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This was not a good time of year to present this clog.  Most women are thinking about boots except for a few areas in the country.  I think this one bombed.

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Well 100,000 disagreed with you and bought them.