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Why oh why do they put a white/ivory sole on these.  I love the mauve and olive green.  If not for the color on the soles, I would have gotten them.

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I was thinking the exact same thing ):

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I agree. I don’t like the white soles. 

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I was so tempted to order the grey pair, then I noticed the put the "top slit" on the inside edge of the boot.  It looks like that would just catch on each other as you walk.  I would have preferred they put it on the outside edge of the boot.  I will be interested to see how the reviews go on that aspect.  Since TSVs don't have the great bargain prices any longer, I'm going to wait for reviews to see if I purchase them.

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I just think they look cheap.

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$60.00?  who are they kidding?  you can get a much better price at the sketchers stores  (2/nd pair usually 30% off--there is a big store across the street from my house)  the white soles remind me of old style nurse shoes

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I like the white soles; they look crisp and modern.

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White soles are trending right now. They are considered fashionable to wear today.

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I dislike the white soles on the TSV boots.

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I do not like the white soles.  To me, trendy today means that next year they will be in the donation bag.  I am passing on this tsv.

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