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@kze I always had a flat stomach and small waist, a pear shape when I was young. Looking back at old pictures even then tucking in my shirts accentuated how much bigger my bottom half was. What was I thinking is all I can say now LOL!

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No, I don't tuck. I don't wear the sort of clothes that would be tucked in. 


I prefer a long lean look of tunic tops.

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I half tuck as well if the shirt is on the long side.  Otherwise it bulky when it all tucked in.  

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I wouldn't wear any fashion item just because someone said it's fashionable to do so, nor would I wear an item in a certain way just because so-called fashion people said so! I used to wear tops tucked in all the time --- never gave it any thought.  This was back when I was very thin and my stomach was as flat as a board!  


However, times have changed and my body is not what it was.  I don't care to accentuate any part of my body that I am not happy with, or care to all attention to it.  I try to dress in a way that is appropriate for my body as it is now, and not how it used to be.  

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no tucking

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Never in my life have I tucked.  And there's a 100 lb. weight swing in there.