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There should be NO shipping on any TSV (at the very least) from Oct through the holiday!!! QVC doesn't do much for heir customer!

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NOw Now peeps...


QVC clearly says you'll "have it in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas!!!" when they are on the air.....


They just don't say WHICH Thanksgiving or Christmas!!! (2019 or 2020????)

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I ordered something on 11-11 and the EDD is 11-20 which is today and the item has not even shipped.  After this order I am DONE with QVC until they get it together, this is absolutely ridiculous.  I ordered something after 11-11 from HSN and I received it yesterday. Totally unacceptable!

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New member here. Shipping is slow this will keep me from ordering more products only if i need it for next month to use. other than shipping it has been great. just don't understand why so slow with all the online bussiness. If it was free all the time like most other online retailers I guess I would be ok. You pay for shipping and they get the turtles out.

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I wouldn't order something from QVC that I wanted shipped right away. I ordered the Beekman TSV and they still haven't shipped it yet. It should have been delivered by 2/20. 


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When I order from either channel I don't expect it right away so when it gets here it gets here. I don't order anything I'm in a hurry for.

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Shipping is so slow I forget what I ordered.

Totally ridiculous!!



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Ordered the Beekman TSV. too...supposed to be here 2-21...still not here.....