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I like Skechers and might consider the TSV except for the $5 shipping charge.  I won't purchase any TSV unless shipping is free.  Adjust the price if necessary but don't tell me what a great value I'm getting and then charge $5 for shipping.

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Re: Shipping Charge

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QVC could always raise the price by $5 and give free shipping.  You'd never know.


Shipping is never free.  The cost is always factored in somewhere.  

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By adjusting the price, do you mean they should add the S&H into the price of the item?  It doesn't seem to me that it would make any difference to the total you pay.


And, on free shipping days, you wouldn't get any benefit, if it were added into the base price.


I look at the total with everything combined (price, tax, S&H).  If it's a good deal and it's something I want, I buy it.  If not, I don't.


(I haven't ordered shoes from QVC for a long time, because there were too many issues with fit.)

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I'm on the fence with "free shipping" for a TSV. On the one hand, I think shipping should be "free" (although, the charge would just be incoporated into the total cost.) On the other hand, "free" shipping dings you on multiples, bcz the cost is added in and you pay the full shipping. This doesn't really matter so much with QVC, bcz they charge shipping per item, and either way, you are paying full fare for shipping, "free" or each..
I wish they would take into consideration a shipping discount on any additional items purchased and maybe offer "free" shipping above a total order amount. Many other retailers do this.
If you purchased 4 pairs of today's special , at $5 each for shipping, you pay $20 in shipping. It's not costing that much to ship 4 pairs of shoes, with QVC's commercial shipping rates.
Many times, especially for pants or tops, I want multiples, but often, I won't purchase bcz I won't pay the "each" shipping charge.

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As much as the Q sells they could give a better price than they do and give free S&H. Amazon and other online sellers  prices are lower than the Q and still give free S&H and returns. Customers who buy at the Q are just used to the high prices and the song and dance with S&H and returns.

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Deals and s/h is always Fuzzy Math.

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The shipping charges have been a factor that causes me not to order. The items that I need to return for numerus reasons, are more costly due to the added return charge as well.

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Look at it on the bright side; $5 shipping is much less than the $11.46 shipping I have to pay for today’s TSV. You are getting a great value.

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i never just look at the price only.....i look at the TOTAL price PLUS rebates that i receive with a purchase.


i am not purchasing the shoes because i dont care for them, but if i thought that they were worth roughly $55 to me, then i would.  there is a $5 rebate available through retailmenot today on purchases of $40+.

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@MarleneK.  Compared to what most online retailers charge, $5.00 is a bargain.  I was just looking at a Coldwate Creek Catalog and their minimum shipping is $8.00 for a purchase up to $50.00.  Up to $100.00 it's $12.00.


So I guess you won't be buying any TSVs.  I don't understand your reasoning but if you do, then I guess it's okay.

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