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My sister bought me a Dyson, which was very nice of her, but I never did like it. Too heavy & cumbersome to use & never picked up as well as I though it should. Most especially for the amount of money that she paid for it.

My MIL moved in near usa few months ago when her husband died. I was helping my husband do some things around her house & I used her Shark Lift Away Navigator.

I came home & put one in my cart at Kohls. I waited for a good sale, coupon, ebates, & of course, free shipping & I got my Shark.

It is like the Ferrari of vacuums. Lightweight, long cord, great attachemts, pulls itself around. I love it so much, I don't mind vacuuming the floors. 

I have 2 dogs, a husband & 5 grandsons. It gets a work out & I love the Shark.


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Thanks @Dusty1! I just finished housework & I was reminded how much I love my Shark! Aloha!

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I found a Shark cordless on QVC and ordered it last night. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars. $99.98 with free shipping is a great deal!


V34758 - Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Time is just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. It isn’t how long you live that matters; it is how well you are prepared to die. ~~Colonel Robert B. Thieme, Jr.
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Have both and in fact have 5 Dysons if that is a hint of which I am amazed at the designers brilliance.  Men use The Animal for deep cleaning and gals the easy to use ball that still gets up deep down dirt.  Shark is great also but Dyson's inventions amaze me and I am normally tight with money.  Have purchased 2 children a Dyson also.  Thank goodness for Payments.    HAPPY CLEANING.   ROFL

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A Shark can't hold water to a Dyson.  Worst of all it seems Dyson spends a lot of money on research and new inventions.  Soon after Dyson comes out with a new invention like the soft floor brush, Shark copies it.  I fell for the Shark commercial and bought one.  The foam filter is a mess, the dirt gets sucked right into the filter, not ergonimic and very heavy.  Shark is a wannabe Dyson.  My Dyson is almost 20 years old and still going strong.  I bought another one just to have that model in reserve.  It's still brand new in the box.  My Dyson might outlive me.

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Shark now has a stick vacuum that is cordless, and it comes with two batteries.  The cord on my vacuum was never a bother for me.

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I bought my first Shark in August.  It's the Powered Liftaway with Duo Clean Speed.  It's a bit smaller than their others and weighs less.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I don't consider it a chore to vacuum and when I run out of things to vacuum at my house, I take it to mom's Smiley Happy

The thing is a lean mean multi-tasking cleaning machine!  I've never owned a Dyson and I don't have to.  There just can't be a vacuum that cleans better than my Shark Smiley Happy  I love that soft velvet-like roller brush in front of the beater brush.  It cleans up the fine layer of dust that other machines don't and helps pull in small, med, and large debris/objects.  My wood floors are "polished" after vacuuming with the Shark Duo Clean.

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I am 60 years old. I was just telling my dad yesterday (as I cleaned up broken glass ornament shards after a toppling Christmas tree accident) how I wish I had all the money back I spent over the years on worthless vacuums. I swore I'd never spend the $$ for a Dyson. Then I did four years ago, and I've never looked back! I am not a fan of their fans (lol - too noisy), but you would have to pry the vacuum from my cold dead hands. 

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I have both, and can't really say I prefer one over the other except for the fact that the attachments are mounted right there on my Shark and my Dyson attachments are in a bag in the closet. So for the convenience sake I usually just grab the Shark.

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I just bought an Oreck from Amazon and spent most of the morning on the phone trying to install the handle.  (It said no assembly.)  The is my 3rd Oreck and  I may return it after all.  Seems there is so much upkeep now.  They recommend changing the belts so often, etc.  I can't do that myself and seems no Oreck dealers around here now and I'm not about to drive over 25 miles to take it in.  Reading here about the Shark and Dyson.  I need something lightweight.  I have a lot of carpet and liked the Oreck I had as I could also go over the tile floors before I mop.