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I got last years model, so don't need another one~ first one is still rolling along good.

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Re: Shark TSV 3/19

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I currently have the Shark Rocket Upright H282095 its an upright but not a lift away.  I really like it, It stands on its own no problem there......I love the suction, its lightweight and has easy navigation and the washable filters saves money---( I was paying a fortune for 3 filters with another brand).......The drawbacks are no automatic cord rewinder. Also make sure you keep the roller brush clean and free of any tangles, any tiny tangle and it will start spitting out the dirt, also use the right setting--- there are 2 power buttons--one for carpets and one that works on other floor types...It's the same price as the TSV (but no free shipping) .I also own the Shark Rocket hand held V33747 and use it exclusively with the Mini Motorized Brush tool it performs best with this tool---that Shark product is great too....


Looking at the 3/19 Shark TSV it looks like the dust cup is pretty small and the same size of the hand held Shark vacuum which means you'll be stopping to empty it a lot.....It looks like all Shark did was take the hand held and put it on a stick.......  A similar type of stick model didnt get roaring reviews as some of the other Shark vacuums.......people complained it was top heavy made their back and arm ache, couldnt stand up on it's own, small dust cup, suction wasn't that good, and durability issues...hopefully with this model Shark fixed the issues....

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I'm getting this one, I have been waiting for a Shark Rocket and the duo clean looks like it's just what I need!

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I got this one.  I have been looking for a stick-type vacuum for hard floors for some time.  I have a Dyson, but I don't like how it works on hard floors.  It tends to blow things around, especially cat hair.  I have a Haan steam cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom floors, but you have to clean all grit from the floor before using it since it won't pick anything up.  


Since it's a supplemental vac for me the canister size is not a problem.  From the presentation, it will stand on it's own.  You just have to remove the hand-held portion and hang on the hook lower down on the tube.  No big deal.  That's probably how I will store mine instead of hanging on the wall.  


I like that you can remove the brushes to clean the cat hair/strings out of them, and I like that soft brush in the front to get rid of the grit.  I think I saw that on another non-Shark vacuum on one of the shopping channels recently and liked the idea of it.  I'm also excited about the under-appliance tool.  Hopefully, it can also be used to clean the dryer vent.  I had been looking at another Shark that had that tool, I think it was the lift-away model.  It had a big square canister on it which I didn't care for.  I wanted something more compact.  


All in all, if it does what was advertised, I will be very happy.

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I have a Shark Rocket from a few years ago but I saw this one on an infomercial a couple of months ago and I was hoping that QVC would have a TSV. I bought it because of the front roller. I have 4 parrots and 3 shelties so I have a lot of hair, bird seed, bird pellets to clean up. I love my other Shark Rocket but I think this one is a step-up. I will use it as my main vacuum, it is not heavy. Shark has never disappointed me so I anticipate that I will be pleased. 

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I received mine today, wow!! So far I love it!  I am a big fan of the Shark vacuums that I've owned, but I have never had a Rocket. It is a cleaning machine, so many uses. It's very powerful. I like the hook in the front for the top part. Allows the unit to stand without any issues. It's a good one!