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anyone ever order a matress from qvc before how is the delvery service? do they delivery at night or on saturday? that i know is a good price for a matress I have been looking many i well over 1,000 so that is a great value?

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Yes I have bought a mattress from the mattress i ever had....its been many years...(i could use a new one) so I don't recall if a night or saturday delivery was available...I had mine delivered during the week...and it went smoothly...


The men took my old queen mattress to the second floor and brought in the new king...set up both...took all the packing material away..were very polite..friendly...couldn't have been more pleased...

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Yes, I bought one for my daughter and it went very smoothly. They delivered it early in the morning on a weekday, not sure if they do nights or Saturdays.

I think they called first, if I recall, but that was many years ago.

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I bought a serta years ago.  No issues.

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Bought 2 queen and one regular =  3 years ago for the last one.  Great bed and excellent delivery service. 

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I bought the Labor Day TSV mattress.  They delivered mine on a Saturday.  Delivery is contracted out to local carriers so that may vary.  I had an issue with my delivery and QVC customer service was most gracious in resolving my issue.


I work for a hotel company and got a better deal from QVC than the company's bulk discount through Serta.

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It sounds like these mattresses are meant only for platform beds, not box springs.  But, what if you have a headboard and footboard you don't want to give up?

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Never mind.  I figured it out.  If you have a platform bed you buy the mattress only.  If you don't have a platform bed, you buy the mattress and box springs.

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The one time I bought a mattress from the Q 15 months ago the delivery was great.  They removed my old mattress and box spring and brought in the new ones.  Mine is the Dynanism.  It has been a great mattress.  Soft on top but supportive overall.  Mine is a Eurotop, not a pillow top.