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On 2/10/2015 Sweetbay magnolia said:

I never iron. I have one, but honestly cannot remember the last time I fired it up. (Though I do remember ironing pillowcases and boxer shorts as a child).

I would spend the same bucks on a nice garden tool or a really great pair of shoes. It is my choice, and I know well that my lifestyle is not everybody's cup of tea.

Positive posts are always appreciated.Smile

Move over and make room for me. I think I have an iron, but I'm not sure. If it's still in the cupboard, it is the one someone bought us when we got married. Let's just say that that was when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Oh, and you can save the sanctimonious remarks about how it's unbelievable that some people don't iron or that my clothes must look awful. It still won't make me check to see whether I still have that iron somewhere.

Of course I don't begrudge this TSV, though. That would be sort of silly because they do seem to sell.

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I hate ironing, but I hate looking sloppy. Take my things out of the dryer immediately to limit wrinkles. If they have to look fantastic, then I leave it for professionals to do. Choices. If this were 1955, you could go get the stones and pelt me. In 2015, we make our own choices.

An iron isn't a bad thing, really. We all have places for our money. There are people who insist on spending $150 for hair dryers (They are fantastic.) You do get what you pay for.

If someone buys it, I hope they enjoy using it for a long time.

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I can't remember the last time I ironed anything. Couldn't do it anymore anyway.

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I iron most of my clothing that I wear for work. They look so much better. I also iron pillow cases and the hem on my top sheet to make them look and feel so crisp.
I use my iron a lot. I don't need a new iron, so I'll pass on the TSV.
I have a neighbor who hung brand new curtains at her window. They still have the fold lines in them and can be seen from the street.
To the people who do not iron, yes, we already know. It's quite obvious.
Your clothes are your
If you use a steamer, that's ok too. I also have one and use it for some items. I hate wrinkled textiles.
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This thread is so ironic

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This house everything is starched and ironed, we would not even consider wearing a t-shirt if it wasn't ironed.

To each his own but it's just the way we like our clothing to look.

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On 2/10/2015 ChynnaBlue said:

That makes no sense to me. People already own a LOT of things - vacuums, coffee makers, chairs. But your logic, none of those things should be a TSV because, you know, who needs one if you already have one? It doesn't accept the number of young people growing up and moving out or the number of people upgrading or replacing broken items. Sure, more things today are made with materials don't need ironing, but my favorite pair of summer pants is 100% cotton and 90% wrinkles. I also use my iron for crafting.

The problem with assuming that you are Joe Consumer and representative of everyone else is that you get stuck thinking that everyone else is just like you and can't see how others live. That's a problem that often extends far beyond irons and I see it here on the forums every day.

Very well said.

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To iron or not to iron, that is the question.?? I enjoyed reading the comments. Everyone has their preference. I did order TSV. I do iron and have for many years. I definitely can tell a difference with a good iron. It is an investment, but I do like Rowenta.
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Just wait! Tomorrow's TSV is a set of sponges.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Rowenta iron!!!!!