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Sending Defective Bliss Lights back

Our lights worked one night. The next night a small green light with tiny pinpoints of light you could barely see at the base of the tree. We tested all connections, all fine. We brought in the home and plugged it in. Tiny pinpoints of light in small area of wall. We left it on to see what would happen. It surged larger and a bit brighter, then retreated back to small area and pinpoint lights. Finally after about a half hour of surging back and forth it bloomed to what it should be. OK we thought we'll warm them up tomorrow night in the house and then put them out. We tried that, NADA outside. It was cold but only 40 degrees not near the low tolerance of minus 15 they say they can be left out. Brought them back in same thing. After a half hour they bloomed again. Tried different extension cord our reindeer was connected to, nothing.

QVC was great about sending a new label and will return all of my money even though over the 30 days. Too expensive an item for one nights display.

Hope all of yours are doing well. Exasperated for sure.