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Your thoughts?  I know many have raved about previous sheet sets from them.  I was considering, but none of the colors/ patterns wow me.

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I got a set last year that I liked in a pretty medium/deep blue.  None of the current prints wow me, and I wish the seaglass were a deeper color.

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Neither the sheets or the vendors wow me.  I'm unimpressed.

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I love their sheets, but who came up with those prints?!  The solids are ok, but those prints are odd to me.

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It is so much easier for me to make my bed with these sheets.  I have a few sets and ordered another one from this group.  These will replace sheets that don't fit , the fitted sheet in particular.  I don't care that much about the design just as long as it fits my bed without a struggle.

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I have the sheets and while I don't love love them they are comfortable and launder well. Not luxery by any means but serviceable. Why I buy them is because of the unique flex fit fitted sheet,  It makes it so easy to change a heavy very deep mattress by myself.  It stays taught and smooth.  


I can't stand the brothers and only buy the sheets.  They work for me. 

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I ordered the aster floral and an extra set of pillowcases.  $105 with shipping and tax.  Hope i like them.  

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I like the idea of the 18 inch fitted sheets on the king. 

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I'm trying them. I got the blue stripe for one bed and the clay seeds for our bed because it reminds me of something I would see in Japan.





 I have sheets I love from years ago in good shape. But the truth is the fitted ones just don't fit the mattresses of today.





 I tried two sets by LOGO. The colors are beautiful, but they didn't last. They wore out at the bottom where our feet rubbed them.





I have read good things about these here before, so I decided to take a chance.  Smiley Happy


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@mnmom I am what you call a sheet snob!The least bit of pilling,I will not sleep on.Havent heard if this set has had issues with this