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I find sizing to be very consistent in shoes.  I've bought dozens of pairs from Zulily and other Internet sites including QVC.  I always order the same size and with the exception of one brand, Spring Step, they all fit fine.  Some were more comfortable than others but none were too long or short, narrow or wide.  I think shoe manufacturers do an amazing job.  Spring Step runs very short.

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I ordered the TSV last year -A267080 Skechers Bungee Slip-on Sneakers - Zen - think the main difference other than the price is this years TSV upper is jersey material - last year the upper was a mesh like fabrication.

I ordered a size 7 which I normally wear in the summer I wear a Puma sneaker sock, not a thick sock or go without wearing socks.  I found last years to stay on well - easy to put on and off, the inside cushioning was very nice - not overly mushie, but supportive and cushioning.  I have a pair of Jambu bungee slip ons - they are cute design and fabrication - but the Jambu's memory foam insole leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.

I ordered the TSV in navy - hopefully it will be as good as last year's TSV - this year is cheaper than last years TSV.

If I am planning on wearing a really thick sock I would size up either a half size or whole size.

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@SweetJ wrote:

I had an odd experience very early this morning. I was looking at the TSV Sketchers, and there was 1 review already posted which was incredibly scathing, saying how bad the shoes she had lost half her toenail because of the shoe which she bought from QVC. I love my Sketchers, and I wondered how someone could even have posted that because the shoes hadn't been for sale until this morning. When I went back in later to see the shoes again, the review was gone. I wonder if someone hacked QVC. Strange. I'm glad the QVC monitors were on the ball.

I saw her review and she also answered my question about med or wide widths with the same answer.  Her answer to me had nothing to do with the width choices.  Her comments have been removed but at first I thought I was imagining her answer cuz I didn't see it any longer. I received an email that my question was answered and read it right away. I was gone all day and when I came home and looked again, I didn't see either comment.  Yes, she went on a rampage with her dissatisfaction of Sketchers.