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does anyone own this model??? i am so picky about my vacuums. I have 3 dogs and hardwood floors.......anyone??

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I don't own it but have been considering purchasing.  I went to Amazon and read MANY reviews on this model.  


I love Shark Vacuums and have had two of them.  Right now I have another brand, do not like.  Bought it as I had moved and gave my old Shark to the local second hand shop.  Needed something cheap and quick and did not have time to research the Sharks as they no longer were making my favorite model, NV22. 


I think I will pull the trigger on this one....



On a separate note, I swear the price was $219.95 this morning and now it is $199.  Wierd.  

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I do not own this exact one I don’t think but I do have two other Shark DuoClean Lift-Away. One for upstairs and one for downstairs

I also have bought them as gifts for my mom and sister.


My sister and I both have pets and it does a great job with pet hair. I don’t feel like my dog sheds a lot until I vacuum!!  


My mom does not have a pet. Never has had a pet with this carpet but it was pulling who knows what out of the carpet the first few times we used it. 

I thought I was a a Dyson fan until I got a Shark. Love them. Can’t say enough good things about them.

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Yes, the price did change!  I ordered it at midnight and just saw the price change.  I cancelled that order and placed a new one at the lower price.  

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Although I do not have this model, I do have two older ones, a stick and an upright.  Both are going strong after about six years.  I have grandkids and grand dogs over often and have carpet and tile.  Love them.


But....if I was doing it again I SO would get this type.  The swivel and lift-away are to die for.


Go for it!  You can not be more a floor fiend than me.

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@avid shopper Glad I'm not going crazy.  Early this morning watched the presentation and the price was $219.95.  Now it's $199.95.  Will the price keep going down as the day goes on lol?

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I don't have that one. But I have the new Lift-Away Speed Zero-M upright. It's the one with the roller that never gets hair wrap. I have a golden retriever and I myself have long hair, too. The Zero-M vacuum means you never have to clean the roller. I've had mine almost a year now and I vacuum weekly. Only once did I find a single thread wrapped around the roller...but no hair. It's amazing. Another thing about the roller is that it has squeegee strips built right on the roller and that means you can use the vacuum with the roller turned on while using it on hard floors and it won't scatter stuff. The squeegee sweeps up the stuff before that happens. The suction is beyond good. I've owned 2 other Shark Lift-Aways but they don't compare with my new one. This new model is an all-new design and it has a different motor, takes different size filters. I highly recommend the Zero-M Lift-Away, especially if you have pets. I own the Speed (model ZU560), not the Apex.


ETA- My new Zero-M has so much suction that you can actually feel it grab on to the floor...which can make it feel hard to push. I had to adjust the suction to bring it down and I have never had to do that with any other vacuum I've ever owned.

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I don’t own this model but own an older Shark duoclean stick vacuum and I really like it.   Easy to transition it between carpet to hardwood or vinyl flooring in my home. 

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You’re not going crazy. I watched at midnight, and flipped it on just now. I thought, “Wait a minute! It was $219 at midnight.”  I posted a heads up to the mods/CS about future contacts from customers. 



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You are correct.  I purchased the shark this morning for the 219.95 price.  I just turned on QVC this evening and found the price to be reduced.  Called customer service to get money refunded.  Not sure what was going on with the pricing today.