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Surprised there isn't any chatter about the SG TSV tops.



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I love them- love Liquid Knit.

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I was surprised too.

I would have ordered them if they were about $20 each.

With shipping tax, they come to about $60 and as much as I would like them, I won't pay that for 2 shirts.

I do like the square neck and the other neckline too.

I would have gotten the grey even though I don't like the pink camo as much.

I don't like a lot of the prints she has now.

It is a shame the tsv's are not really special deals anymore at all.

Nor are the lunchtime specials for me anyway, so I don't even look anymore.

I used to get clothes from QVC and I do like Susan Gravers liquid knit.

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I wasn't that impressed with the price. And after going through my closets over the past few months I can't really justify the need.

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Too high priced for me. I used to buy her things when I felt they were better quality and she used a cotton mix....and her jackets were pretty and I got compliments back then.... she did a tweed type jacket..... It brings back sad memories too for me as I wore her 1 black, long tunic to both my parents funerals since they died days apart....I could not think right and wore the same clothes. 

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I would like to see one top at under $20.  Not interested in getting 2 of the same item.



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I did like the TSV tops.  I kept looking at two of them but decided not to buy as I have way surpassed my clothes budget this month and I have drawers and closets full of Susan's stuff.  However, the day is not over yet!


I was surprised by the complaints about the price.  I feel that $49.50 for 2 liquid knit tops is a really good price - $25 dollars each for quality tops.  Good deal as far as I'm concerned.


I did buy the new print pants with belt in the Teal Print, the Berry Print and the Tan stripe.  I love liquid knit pants, both solid and prints.  Very confortable, feel great.

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The price was fabulous for two tops but didn't like the prints so passed on them.  I did order 5 tops today.  Her liquid knit is worth every dime spent.  I just hope that qvc doesn't keep them for months in process.  

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I like liquid knit for work and was very disappointed when I saw the TS; I don’t care at all for either style. Never bothered to look at colors because of that. For those that like these styles it is a good deal.

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Pass. I don't care for any of the prints, I'm Amy's size, and I noticed it was a boxy fit on her, and finally, I bought a couple of new tops, and that's enough because I am not going anywhere!