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I did not plan to buy these but they will fit into my lifestyle. I bought the Alpine green which everyone seems to like. I plan to wear them on my walks if the air clears up. They look comfortable and are water resistant.

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I like the green too. 



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I ordered the black. I think they're cute and I usually have a good fit with Ryka. I'm a little worried they might be hard to "slip on". Hope not.

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I bought a Ryka bootie similar to this last year on clearance and it started coming apart after just a few wears. 

I am not a fan of Ryka.


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i like a sneaker boot

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Would consider black as my winter boot. Such ridiculous color names like banana bread and morning dove! Simple color names are more helpful.

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I like them and could use them, but for me the animal stripe ruins it.

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I have bought this brand in the past and while they are cute and comfy they didn't last at all.  I am not tough on my shoes and sneakers and these literally fell apart like I had worn them for years and years.  Price reflects quality, JMO.

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I got them in banana bread, they look they will be nice for Massachusetts weather.
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I think they look cute and love the amimal stripe on the back!  I ordered the black.