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I wonder what happened to the Roomba TSV for Feb 24? Now it appears it’s a Dyson V8 Animal Pro Vacuum. Disappointed, been awaiting since January. Does anyone know if there’ll be Roomba Robot TSV soon?
If not, I’m considering which one to get. Suggestions please!!!!
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Hello @Josaleka On 03.09.19 at 9 pm EST on QVC2, we will have an iRobot presentation featuring the Roomba. At this time, it is too soon to see if the Roomba will be a QVC2 Big Deal. Please feel free to check the QVC2 Big Deal link on daily to see if we add the Roomba as a presale. 


For future reference, you can always view our Program Guide for show information. To view the program guide, please hover your mouse over Shop QVC TV at the top of and then click Program Guide from the drop-down menu. The guide will show about a month in advance.