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Roar Plus Packets Vitamin & Electrolyte Drink Mixes



M97069 - 24 Count, Ships Now  $38.98


M97509 - 24 Count, Ships Now AD. $38.98


M97388 - 24 Count, Ships 7/15. $38.98

M97510 - 24 Count, Ships 7/15 AD. $38.98


M97070 - 48 Count, Ships Now $69.98


M97512 - 48 Count, Ships Now AD $69.98


M97389 - 48 Count, Ships 7/15. $69.98


M97513 - 48 Count, Ships 7/15 AD  $69.98


Berry Lemonade, Pineapple Passion, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Twist, Combo







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So, do the packets have that thick saline taste that most (or maybe it's all) electrolyte drinks have?  It's not that they're salty, but I can tell it's an electrolyte drink.  Maybe it's the unavoidable nature of the beast.  

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I decided to give it a try.  I ordered the combo on A/D.

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Re: Roar TSV - May 29, 2024

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Got six of these sticks for $1.25 in the cherry limeade. No sugar

Realize there are soda wars going on (at least in the mid west where we reside) but the price is outrageous.

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Re: Roar TSV - May 29, 2024

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Funny you should mention that ( about the taste)....I have a few bottles of Clear gatoraid left from my recent colonoscopy adventure...I can't even LOOK at those bottles of soapy saliny glop wihtout gagging....


I'm giving it to the guys who do weed whacking here until it's gone. They seem to like it.


This stuff is a big NO for me....gimmicky...just like Gundry, Greens, and ALL processed, powdered or reconstituted lawn mower clippings formed into gummies.....


Eat real food. Drink real water.


It's how you were designed.

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did not even look at ingredients, but a hard pass for me!


i drink water, water with lemon, all day every day....

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@hkrgrl , my 80+ year old neighbor swears by these electrolyte beverages, saying plain water doesn't give a body what it needs. I'm sticking with my "plain ole water", but I don't do a lot of heavy exercising. I like to add lemon slices to my water (I try to drink 64 oz/day) but also like to add orange slices, a "trick" I learned some years back from a weight loss program I was using. Cucumber is also good; there are so many real things that can be added to a glass of water. I never understood when people would say they hate water and need to add sweeteners and flavorings. My favorite water was from a natural spring on our property in the mountains but I'm not opposed to what comes out of my tap. If I was feeling especially generous to my yardmen, I'd buy a package for them but will pass for my own use.

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I've been eating a whole food plant based diet for 6 years. I can't stand these chemical tasting foods anymore. They make me gag.

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To me, they're wayyyy too expensive.  I can get delicious electrolyte balancing packets to mix in water for a whole lot less.  For those who purchased, I hope they're really good.❤️

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did they remove the horrible reviews this has received in the past? i don't see themCat Mad