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Re: Revitalign (formerly Spenco) TSV - October 17, 2023

I think they would probably make a nice, comfortable pair of indoor shoes. (I have a pair of Ugg boots that I only wear in the house. I change shoes and put them on as soon as I get inside.) But they do not look like they would be good for outdoors - they would get dirty fast I think.
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Re: Revitalign (formerly Spenco) TSV - October 17, 2023

I buy suede " fur" lined shoes all of the time.  They are not slippers or house shoes, though you can wear them indoors.  The outsole is for outdoors.  I have been buying them for years and probably have about six pairs in winter rotation.


The advantage is that they do not rub your feet and cause blisters.  If you have problem feet, with bunions, corns and crooked toes, this type of shoe is the answer to your problems.  


They have a lot of flex and give and are soft against your foot and heels.


When you first wear them, they feel tight because of the lining, After a few wears, the faux fur lining smashes down and the shoe isn't so tight anymore.


If you wear light socks, or no socks, buy your regular size.  If you wear bulky socks, or sometimes need a half size bigger depending on the shoe, then size up.


I personally prefer the darker colors because I do not like the light natural color of the fleece linings.