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Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

I love QVC. but I have to say I am disappointed with the return process. Mind you , I don't return many items, but this was eye-opening. I returned the Halston maxi dress tsv from a few weeks ago. When all was said and done - the return ended up costing me almost $10. Which is more than one of the easy pays. Smiley Sad
The purchase price (b4 s&h) was only $36 ... 10 to return it seems excessive. ( had to pay both the $3 original shipping and the $6.95 return label).
I will be factoring this in to future purchases -and will be hesitant to order any clothing items that I might need to return.
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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

There are MANY MANY threads about this on Q Talk and Suggestion Box. In the end, DON'T order if it isn't a sure thing else, you're going to pay at least $10 to just look at it/try it on.


Is ANY item really worth that? I don't think so.

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

I found almost nothing was sized the way they say it is.  And no, it's not worth it - go to your local mall and buy something, try it on, and buy it if it fits.  That way you can buy even more considering what you would pay to return an item at the Q. 

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

What's unfortunate and very disappointing is that I check garment sizing religiously.  I know sewing measurements and know how to read them and translate them and I STILL get snookered by items that are not the measurement they say it is.  It's even with one item number in two colors!  I had one blouse fit beautifully and the other 2" too small, both the same size!  This lack of factory quality control is unreasonable.... and that's where it lies.  By going to the cheapest off-shore factory possible, having the cheapest labor possible you can't expect the items to be consistently uniform!  AND THEN... the prices on the sale end are upped another 25%....  


If I could count on uniform sizing I wouldn't be reluctant to try all kinds of Q clothing.   I used to buy "in bulk" if I loved something.  I am wearing (right now) a fleece D & Co. pullover with little emboidered flowers on it (at least 12 years ago).... loved the two I bought so much I went back and purchased ALL 7 colors!  All fit great, extremely well made (obviously, and I wear them every winter) and still look good enough for yet another year!  BTW, cost of each at the time was no more than $25.....


So it would be really worth it to the Q to get back to sizing the customers can COUNT ON..... 

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

I take no chances on QVC clothing anymore - spent $10 to

TRY a Beeze bra which was terrible.  Breeze did away with the style that worked for me - so trial and error is too expensive going forward.  The Q makes $$$ from these returns and they get the garmet back. 

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

Shipping costs money whether we like to admi it or not.  If you want to try out an item and do not like it, of course you should cover the shipping costs.  While i know many people do not like this, the fact h is that if you do not pay for it, the rest of us -- those who make care purchasing decisions -- end up underwriting your shopping, and that is unfair.


In regards to the return shipping, you do not have to use the QVC label.  It is for convenience only.  You may utilize the shipper of your choice and pay out of pocket.  Sometimes this is cheaper, sometimes it is not.  Ultimately, it is up to you.

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

But the Halston Maxi Dress ran WAY TOO BIG!!!!!  I read the garment measurements and sized down one size on one, and two sizes on the other- they fit.  I just think it was QVC's fault that people might of bought their regular QVC or store size and had to return it.  The garment was gigantic, and it's not fair that someone had to pay 10.00 because the sizing was so messed up!!!! 

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

I have to agree. I bought qvc clothes for years and was successful in keeping most of them. Then the weird sizing started and it has become so hit and miss that I just go to tjmaxx or marshalls if I want a cheaply constructed chinese made item. There I can try it on and save shipping and returns. I feel I support local jobs too. Qvc sizing is so off now, not worth the bother. There used to be fresh new brands to try, too, and some of those clothes are still in my closet.

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

I just ordered and received an as-is pair of Clarks that was a recent TSV.  The reviews for the regular mdse., as well as for the as-is were about evenly split between "too small" & "too large".  I ordered my usual size, but they were so big that an inner sole didn't take care of it.  I complained to CS, because while they are as-is, they are supposed to be wearable.  She told me to sent them back with their label.  Nice, but I'm still out $5 (yes!) through no fault of mine.  I wouldn't even begin to know what size to reorder.  I think they figure that most people will be satisfied with what they buy, and accept that some will not.  I have bought about 6 pairs of work-out shoes from another channel, & each one fits me perfectly & is the size it's supposed to be.  Somebody is getting it right.

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Re: Returning a TV (Halston maxi dress )

Not only is the sizing hit and miss but the content of the clothing is not correct. Many items especially in Quacker Factory are labeled 100% cotton and when you get it the material is 95%cotton/5%spandex. I think you should not have to pay for return shipping and handling when the item is not accurate.  I only buy when I know for sure it will fit and the description is accurate. Someone needs to make sure this information is correct. Poor customer service and unfair to the customer.