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Request for Legacy Rep: Regular Leggings Again, Please?! Love your old ones..

I wish Legacy would offer regular (un-skirted) leggings again!

I own a pair I bought on Q years ago, and they haven't offered them ever since. I still wear them a lot, they have held up beautifully, and they remain one of my favorite go-to pairs of leggings. I have requested this on Q before, but so far they haven't made a come-back.

I don't get why in this day and age when regular leggings are everywhere...Legacy no longer offers them?? Maybe you feel with the skirted legging you have something other brands don't, less competition in the market for that item? Still there is a market for a good basic legging I think you definitely can compete with!

Please bring back a great, basic legging, Legacy! Please, please?! Smiley Happy

Would any other Q shoppers here like to see them offer a regular legging again?

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Re: Request for Legacy Rep: Regular Leggings Again, Please?! Love your old ones..

Yes!  Every year I hope Legacy will bring back their original denim leggings- the ones with the back pockets and faux front pockets/fly.  I've had them for several years, and they are just starting to wear out.  Not sure what I will replace them with- haven't had luck with other brands. I have them in indigo as well as black denim. They are the perfect weight - not too thin and not too thick and bulky. Because they have a stitched side seam, just like real jeans, I think makes them much more flattering than a legging.  The back pockets look so much nicer too, as I think without them leggings look awful! They don't come up too high either, and pair very well with Skinny Tees and LOGO tops.  So, hope you're reading this, Legacy Rep, because here's another request!!!!!