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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

I am unable to find garment measurements for these dresses.  Called customer service & they do not have the info either.  When I measure largest part of my chest its 41 inches.  Don't know whether I should order a M or L.  Can anyone help?  Is this dress fitted or semi-fitted.  Really don't want to order both sizes & have to return one.....tired of paying return fees.


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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

I got two sets -- the black and leaf print and the garnet/tribal print.  I love them!  Fit is great and I am happy the armholes are the right fit.  I highly recommend this! If youi are shorter, they have a petite version, I know.



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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

Glad I waited for the presentation. Passing on TSV.

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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

I received a preview email about this a few days ago and I love the dresses.  Problem for me is that I cannot chosse just one set.  Right off, the black/leaf is my favorite.  Then is the navy/floral and fianly the stone/animal.  I like the solid garnet but am not crazy about the print with that one, so that's a no go. 

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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

Today I just received my TSV by Attitudes by Renee set of two long flowy dresses.  Couldn't wait to try these on especially the cold shoulder look.  I bought petite small & petite medium and just wrote my reivew on this set.  I see that 3 other lucky ladies received their dresses to all with rave reviews. 


Well, it's no doubt we're LOVING this TSV from Renee - these dresses are stunning especially the cold shoulder as she nailed this one!  The other dress, long and sleevelss is cut just right too especially the underarm holes - done perfectly.


I'm keeping the petite small as these fit me beautifully (5'4", 132lb).  The bottom of both is flowy but not too much that you're getting caught in the flow - you know what I mean.  Petite hits just right above the ankle bone so that a fab pr of ankle strap look great as do a fun pr of flats, slides, even so casual for flip flops. 


This set of 2 will not last long.  All of the color combos are great - it was hard for me to choose, I went with the garnet and just ordered the taupe/animal print.  I do love a good animal print and this one is done nicely.


The problem I have with the TSV is the cold shoulder will never be in style next year, so this dress would be purchased for one short season.  Disappointed the cold shoulder is so overdone.  I also don't think the cold should looks good on everyone, but that's my opinion.  I do think the color selections are great.  If they had been two sleeveless dresses, I would have purchased them.  I'm passing on this.


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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

@Sweet_Serenity wrote:

Glad I waited for the presentation. Passing on TSV.

I saw Jayne in one of those dresses, it didn't look right on her. She usually looks good in her clothing. The old cold shoulder is waaay over done,IMO,not insulting anyone who purchased.

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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

I haven't ordered clothing from here in ages, but I would be ordering this if both dresses were the tank style.  

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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

Am I the only one who thinks maxi dresses do not look good on petites?  To me they make you look shorter and are not flattering. I just don't understand the look of maxi dresses. I think it would have been better if they were shorter. It would be more flattering. Oh well, I guess that is just me. I don't like dresses that hang to my ankle or below.

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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

Just my opinion but I don't think the cold shoulder will go out of fashion so quickly because many women, like me, do not like their upper arms and this gives us an option/style to buy and not have to wear a shrug, or jacket or caplet over our dress or summer tunic.  And IF the cold shoulder does go out of fashion, I can just add a shrug or jacket over the dress so that no one would ever know it was anything more than a basic tank style maxi dress.


I bought the garnet option and can't wait to get it.  I can even see me wearing the solid garnet dress for the holidays.


As i said... just my opinion.  Enjoy your dresses ladies.





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Re: Renee's TSV June 15 Dress Duo

Ok, I jumped the bandwagon & ordered the animal print/tan brown.

Thank you @PINKdogWOOD

for your preview/review.  It helped w/my sizing & decision.


At 5'6" 120lbs soaking wet w/a gut, I ordered the xs regular (after reviewing the two size charts).  I figured the animal print would hide the "bump" if need be. Smiley Tongue


Are these maxis see through?  No mention in the presentations or the video.

Also, on one segment, Renee had on black leggings.  She tucked one side hem into the leggings.  I thought that look was kind of sexy"da bomb!"


I'll be down da shore for the whole week-4th of July.  This dress will be perfect for the boardwalk.  Will add the leggings in the evening.

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