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Renee TSV on QVC 2

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I have never ordered anything off of QVC 2. Does anyone know if they post new videos as the day goes on? I have been waiting to see a different video as they usually have new and different info, but it is the same video as last night. 


Specifically, how does the sizing work on this set? Top looks huge so wondering if I should size down? I have looked at measurements, but they dont help me. There are sizing questions on the item page, but no one seems to be answering. 


Anyone who has ordered this item, what did you do regarding sizing? Renee doesnt really address in the video. Also, I am not familiar with this knit in the top. Is it like a liquid knit? Again, Renee doesnt really address the fabrication. 


Thanks in advance!

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I think they only have programming half the day, so they probably only started again today at noon.

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This set is very similar to a TSV set she had but the top is 3/4 sleeve.


I bought the set for my SIL and I to split.  She wanted the top but not the pants and I wanted to try the pants.  When it came, I tried both pieces on.  I wouldn't have been able to size down because the pants would have been too tight.  I would have looked like they were stretched to the max.  Plus the top fit perfectly in the arms and shoulder area.


The top is very voluminous through the body but that's the way it's supposed to be.


The item number for that set is A290083.  Maybe looking at the reviews on that would be helpful?   

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Thanks LipstickDiva! I did take a look at the reviews as you suggested which was helpful! I also just caught the tail end of the live presentation where Renee advised to order your size based on the pant size. I will do just that and see how it looks. Thanks again for your help!

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I would have been tempted to purchase the set but the top is way to long in the back...I think it is cute except for the excessive length in the back,

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Check the garment measurements. Click on “ click here”