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Record A Story HUGE Disappointment

My husband and I retrieved our Today's Special Value Record-a-Story Books to record T'was the night before Christmas for our 18 month-old grand-daughter.

Two solid hours later: T'was the night didn't work at all. After re-recording "how much do I miss you" several times, gave up on the TSV's we'd bought. The book feeds back the "wrong page" over and over again, neglects to "read" entire pages.

Being typical gift buyers, we thought "we MUST be doing something wrong" and took ourselves to Books A-Million (Hallmark was closed) and ended up purchasing another of the "T'was the night" books from Record-a-book. It didn't work either.

Researching ON QVC and the internet, we found a plethora of listings of bad reviews for this product, with no ratings above 2-stars.

Remembering the presentations, I do remember a couple of the hosts (at different times) mentioning that it was "reading the wrong page" and the "Record-a-story" rep saying "it's the light in here. Apparently, to have a chance to actually "work" , this piece requires a Klieg light directly overhead, for the sensors to read through the holes in the story book. Not exactly conducive to "bedtime fair".

Has anyone had better luck with the Hallmark model?