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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

On 1/2/2014 Joann1218 said:

How is the shark navigator lift away pro for doing stairs? I think it's easy for stairs and my SUV b/c I can just lift away the canister and go. The attachments are on the barrel with you. You can view it, V32779, but it is not available right now. I guess compared to what I had, I'm in heaven. I love to take it out and clean b/c it makes it less of a chore and really gets all the dust. Hope you find what works for you.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I have the shark lift away and I love it. I have carpeting (and a dog and parrot) I cannot believe the stuff that comes out of my carpet with it. I have a few stairs too and I only ever use it as the upright. It came with the base to make it a canister, but I rarely use it.
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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I have an Oreck which I love; it is light enough to even maneuver on my stairs but I also have a small Oreck with a shoulder strap that I use for the stairs. Have taken my Oreck upright in for a tune-up once and it is like new after 12 years of use. Too many of my friends and family members have bought Dyson and have had nothing but problems so won't ever be tempted to get one.

One daughter bought a Miele in October and really likes it; they have a huge dog that sheds and she says it is the first thing she has found that really works on all that pet hair.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

On 1/2/2014 chickenbutt said:
On 1/2/2014 suzyQ3 said:

We bought a Shark Navigator Lift-Away as a second vac and couldn't pack it up and return it fast enough.

I second the poster who loves Sebo. We've had ours for over ten years now. It was actually built with great thought to details and with materials that last -- made in Germany. It is also very user-friendly. It is a bagged vacuum, which is my preference. It can be purchased at a vacuum store and also online through Sebo, Amazon, and elsewhere.

Hey, Suzarama! So you're a 'bag' girl, eh? Smiley Happy Bags had to go for me. I was always choking myself half to death, trying to change them out. But then, I'm a mega-klutz and also have asthma. I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Hope this finds you well my friend!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Yes, I've had some handheld vacs and stick vacs that were bagless and found them extremely difficult to empty because of the type of dog hair we allow in our house {} -- the little prickly type hairs (Lab/Rhodesian ridgeback mix). You can't just turn it over and empty it out they way it's shown during presentations.

The Sebo has this little plug thing you stick on the bag when you remove it so that you don't even see or touch anything. For me, it's more hygienic and a heck of a lot easier.

We also have a central vac, and although I find the hose unwieldy, that system has to be the most asthma-friendly, since it all goes to a big canister in the garage.

"Suzarama"?????? I like it.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

SHARK Rotator Liftaway. I bought this and also owned a Dyson. I use one at work and one at home. I loved the Shark so much that I was hauling it back and forth because I didn't want to use the Dyson.

I finally broke down and bought another Shark. I gave DH my Dyson to use at the houses he is fixing up. He doesn't like it either. He borrowed my Shark just yesterday because he said it works so much better.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I have a Dyson and a Hoover Wind Tunnel. After having the Dyson for a few years, I would take the Hoover any day. I don't like the wand on the Dyson - it is a pain to use and the power cord is not as long as the Hoover so it is just inconvenient to use. I will not replace this Dyson with another one if it dies. Cleaning wise, I prefer the Hoover.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

The best vaccum I have ever had is the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away. This is easy to put together and to use. I love this vacuum.
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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I love my Neato's. I have two. One upstairs, one downstairs, They are robotic.. just turn them on and they vacuum. I used to have Rumba's but I think Neato does a better job. Sometimes I have to go over some areas with my Dyson 45 - but not a lot.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I love my Oreck. So lightweight and effective. Purchased it at QVC when it came with a small carry-around.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

I purchased the DYSON ANIMAL DC25 , however I got it from Costco,,$399 and it came with all sorts of attachments..I would not trade this vacuum for any other ..Previously had a hoover for years..brought the Dyson home,,vacuumed with the hoover,then the Dyson,,it literally filled up the canister with dirt that the hoover could not extract. Also, my husband (now deceased) could not believe that there were no dust particles floating around while vacuuming, which was not good for him as he had emphysema. This machine far surpassed any other vacuum I have ever used. I cant believe the hidden dust, cat hairs, etc it still pulls out of an old carpet.

I plan on getting one for my son in the near future.