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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

@Murron wrote:

I find a canister is much easier to use for stairs, ceilings etc. Dyson does a canister if I'm not mistaken. I have a Dyson, but I find the wand a bit of a pain to re assemble when I use it, so I end up using a small vacuum for things I would use the wand for.

I agree with you Murron. I too am using a well known Canister Vaccum. I haven't faced any technical issues so far. I bought it two years ago. This particular model of Canister is what I am using. I think canister is a good choice - cheap and good quality.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Versus Other


I have a Dyson and a "clone", both are very good. The Dyson was pricy but it picks up dirt and I love not changing the bag. The Hoover is a "clone"--no ball but it is on the same principle and it has a retractable cord, something the Dyson doesn't have--and it's so much cheaper, it's astonishing. But it works every bit as well. 


If I have to rebuy, I'll be buying another of the  Windtunnel, you can go read reviews and see what other people have to say about it. 

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

Is the Shark navigator light weight??  I heard the Dyson is pretty heavy..... Right now I have an electrolux tank vacuum and it is SO HEAVY  to pull around. Made to last centuries.... and it is 20 years old and still running great, but, I have upper back issues and have a hard time pulling it behind me.

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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

 I had an Orick XL for years -loved it -but gave it away when I fell for the Dyson hype. Had a Dyson Ball for several years and hated it and finally went back to Oreck after the Dyson broke and I was presented with a $180 bill.  Got the Oreck Gold and love it. Does a much better job than the Dyson. 


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Re: Recommendation for New Vacuum Cleaner

@Joann1218 wrote:

How is the shark navigator lift away pro for doing stairs?


I bought this primarily because I have 2 sets of stairs and I need something I can lift easily.  I do the stairs both ways, as an upright and as a cannister with the tools.  The cannister gets into the corners of the stairs better, the upright is for a quick run over to fluff it all up.


I bought my Shark Navigator Lift Away from Costco based on reviews and recommendations here.  I felt I would be able to return it to Costco easily if I found that it wasn't for me.  I intended it to be for my basement but I love it so much I donated my Eureka and use the Shark for everything now.



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