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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

I forgot to mention my house is all electric.


When we built it that's all that was offered in the late 70's here.


I think I'll just buy a generator from electric company.  I agree with those who don't think it's very powerful.


Others should look into buying it from their electric company.  Ours offers what QVC calls easy pay.


The main thing I'd want it for is watching TV and keeping warm.  Anything that provides heat draws on a lot of electricity.


I am used to using a kerosene heater for many years.  I know all the safety things to do.  I don't need to be reminded. 

I just recently got a new one.  I don't necessarily recommend it for everyone.  It does work for me.


I haven't had to use it for a few years, but I thought a new one was necessary.


I'd advise those of you in a house to check with your electric company before buying.


Incidentally, the fallen tree I mentioned was totally healthy.  A complete fluke..

Ifit had happened 5 minutes later my friend and I would have had all of that fall on her car with us in it.  I was walking down my steps to be picked up by her.


That makes another time I've escaped death.  (Falling off the porch with a broken neck was another one).

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

The description says it runs on propane, but it is an "electric" push cart, so this is confusing.  I guess it means move it while power is on, then propane takes over?


wind or a fallen line somewhere usually causes power outage here, more than four times a year, so have been thinking about a generator, but I don't want one that has to be coddled, so to speak.

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

Yes I heard them quickly mention it.  I remember thinking that I could just put it on my screened in porch.


I also remember thinking it didn't make much sense for the reason the first poster mentioned.


Heres something must have access to the plug that gives the appliance it's electricity.  A big one is the refrigerator.


What should those of us who aren't capable of pulling out our huge refrigerator and find the plug supposed to do?


Just yesterday my entire development lost power.  It was a beautiful day here in Virginia.  There was no wind.


A tree just snapped off and hit power (live) wires, poles, you name it...all in the road.


It was like a domino affect straight down the line!  The entire neighborhood was without power.


With that so recently have happened; you'd think I'd have jumped at the chance to buy this...and I almost did.


What stopped me?  Well...for one thing I can't pull out my fridg to get to plug.  I know they show multiple lights, etc. plugged in.


However, they didn't say you can run a power strip off of this thing.


My brain says "You must be able to do that with so many things lit never know.


I live in a development surrounded by trees.  They are 1 acre wooded lots.  Some of the trees are very old.  During some storms we can hear trees falling.  Some have even been hit by lightning.


Trees have fallen on my house at least 3 times.  It was hit by lightning once.  We were out of it for a full 5 months.


But I'm thinking I'd rather buy my generator from my electric many of my neighbors.  I know those things CAN get wet.


After my husband died we were hit with another huge snowstorm.  No one could get in or out for 3 days.  I was without power for 4 days.  My power lines were down across my driveway.


I spent all day in my car (drove it out of garage).  I took my cat (Jack) and we listened to the radio, etc.  I have a portable DVD player.  We watched movies and I read..the cat in the hat was Jack's favorite (just kidding).


At night I slept with layers of blankets.


Was it fun?  Heck no!  Would I 'like' to do it again?!  But I could.  It would be more difficult but "A girl's gotta do..what a girl's gotta do..". Right?

I haven't totally ruled out the QVC one.   I like the way a battery starts it AND it doesn't take gas to run.


I send back a lot of QVC stuff for various reasons and I keep thinking...this is going to be a nightmare if I have to send it back.


I have a Drs appt so I won't be home til later today.  I think they might sell out because if I was in the West coast, I know I'd buy this TSV.  


@Annabellethecat66   I am on the West coast and power goes out at least four times a year, for ten hours or so, so I have been wanting a generator for years, but am not sure this is the one to get, as I would need one that requires no electricity, obviously, as with no power, no electricity.


Weeks after DD was born, we lost power due to a downed line on our property, and we nearly froze to death for five days.  when someone finalkly came out, I was told they don't believe people who say they have babies because people lie and say they do just to get someone out, but they should at least come out and check the situation, they could always leave, in the meantime, big suffering, of course, it was freezing weather, weather we hardly get, actually had huge icicles hanging off the roof gutters.


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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

I wouldn't buy a propane generator for myself b/c around here those propane tanks often sell out and that leaves the refill stations where you take the empty tank there and have them refill it for you. There's only one propane filling station near me and its too far away for emergency purposes. I own a good ol' gasoline generator and gas can be bought anywhere. 

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

Gale force winds are approaching. Doubt if a canvas tent over my Sun Joe will stay in place.

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

Have owned three homes and have had whole home Generac at each. Hands down best investment I made for my dog and I. The system has paid for itself and wouldn't go any other way as a homeowner. One home used as a rental and provided tenants peace of mind as well. Not expensive to maintain and have both bought and rented tanks and propane lasts years in my own experience 

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

My husband and I agree with you. We prefer gasoline. That isn’t a huge generator either.
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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

Lucky for me my husband positioned our refrigerator plug up on the upper side so we can reach it without pulling it out. He says you can do a power strip with generators either in your house or at the generator itself. I understand the confusion. The presentation by J was too simplistic. There were no details on how to do things. It was kind of silly. I would never order something like this online especially from QVC. Maybe from a chain where experts could help you out.
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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

I didn't see the part about not getting it wet.  I watched about half an hour of the presentation when it aired at midnight and nobody mentioned how long a propane tank would last at max load either.  


3300 W isn't that much power.  My microwave runs at 1300 W.  I think most of my small appliances (air fryer, portable eye, etc. also run at 1500 W).  You probably wouldn't be able to run the microwave and a space heater at the same time.  


I would love to have a Generac.  Hubby checked into that a couple of months ago.  $17,000.  I guess not.  We had to go a week without power in 2011 after tornados came through.  We have a small gas powered generator which kept lights, the fridge, and a few other things running, but there was no hot bath and we lost a freezer full of food.  We cooked all our meals on the grill outside.  When we replaced the grill, I insisted on a side eye.  However, that hopefully was a once in a lifetime event.

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Re: Recent Sun Joe TSV - Generator

[ Edited ]

We are getting a whole house generator.   We decided when we had severe storms a couple years ago.  Wait list but finally to be installed this month.  

Our neighbors have one and he was living good when the rest of us were miserable for two weeks.  We didn't have a generator for first week and none to be found but lucked out when we were at store when shipment arriving.  

So we do have a portable generator and use gasoline but a life saver at the time.  It is also a hassle as well.  Loud too.  


I can't imagine can't get wet.  Usually storming when a person needs it.