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Youve put a thought in my mind.  I own E229914 and like the sound, I thought this TSV unit would be alittle better as the Cd is inserted right into the unit....and the size of the Unit itself would provide so much more quality...but if there’s really no difference playing CD from my laptop or playing it through the actual Bose system, I might be sending it back and saving $300


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A little off topic but in Jan 2016 I purchased a Bose Soundtouch IV system which is the wifi, radio, cd unit from the other shopping channel. Because we usually just stream our music from our phones this is how the unit was used for more than the first year. This summer I thought it would be fun to get out some beachy CDs to play. Put the first one in and got Not Playable. Tried just about every other one I own and nothing would play. I immediately called Bose Customer Service and explained that the unit was a few months out of warranty but that we never bothered to "test" the CD function. They told me there was nothing they could do and for a price (well over $100) I could send it back for "repair". Again I explained it was never used, not once. They didn't care. So I have yet to take them up on the repair "offer". I probably will at some point because I am so disappointed I can not play CDs on this $600 unit! But I am sure of one thing - I will never, ever, purchase a Bose of any kind again and caution those that do. Btw, there are tons of comments online regarding this topic - so many others have had same experience of CDs Not Playable so clearly it is a known problem to Bose. Terrible customer service.