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Rachel Ray Cast Iron

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If you did not buy the Le Crueset set due to the pricing, I highly recommend this set. I bought this set as a gift in Dec.  K46860. I paid 69.98. I bought it for my son who is an Art student. He loves to cook. He makes unique recipes and eats a wide variety of foods. He wanted a Cast Iron set as his best gift. I opened the box and was extremely happy with the quality and design. I know he was surprised it was not a typical black cast iron set. He loves it and loves cooking with it. I did a lot of research on Le Crueset, Staub and Rachel Ray and  their suppliers and quality. I knew the reviews and the differences in cooking outcomes. Although Le Crueset and Staub are very nice and beautiful.  Everyone has different ideas on where to spend their money and what products are worth it to buy. I do not like to cook much anymore. I prefer to cook simply so spending the money on a Le Crueset is not for me. I  was buying a present for my college student.  I definitely understand why people love them and spend the money on them. My sister has the  Le Crueset brand and loves it. It is a beautiful pan and performs beautifully. She has made wonderful meals for family get togethers with her pans. This Rachel Ray set is also gorgeous and performs outstandingly. My son made us all dinner and it was delicious.  I may consider buying the Rachel Ray set for myself now.