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I received mine today and wore them to walk my dog and am really pleased. They look cute and stylish, not like some of the "Mary Jane" casual shoes I've seen before. I got the gray and lavendar ones in my regular size and they fit perfectly and feel great while walking. Ialso like that I can use my own orthotics in it if I choose to do so.  I was on the fence about these but really glad I decided to get them.

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Mine also came today & I couldn't be happier with them. They're my first pair of Ryka's. Wore them around the house for a few hours and they're so comfy!

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Re: RYKA TSV - March 2

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I got my green pair in size 8, my regular size, today. After all the negative reviews, I was afraid to try them on. I've been wearing them all day with no problem. I have a narrowish foot with a high instep and deep arch. I also have a mild case of plantar facialitis in my right foot. I appreciate the arch supports in this shoe. I have not tried my orthodic in it. I will use it for shopping, around the house. I will continue using my Asics shoes for the gym and walks.

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Please bring back the ORIGINAL fisherman sandals. The new ones are horrible!!!