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I was reading the description online that the beef is from Uruguay. I wouldn't buy meat from another country especially since we have plenty in our country. It is almost $16.00 per steak. Not a bad deal but not a great deal.

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Ray Rastelli makes it sound like it’s from the US farmlands. Smh. A bit pricey. A woman called in saying she went on auto delivery..🤔
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I just realized their packaging on my last order says they source all their products from all over the world.


My last order with them for sure.

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This is the ONLY product I have EVER asked for my money back *** in TWENTY PLUS years of shopping and thousands spent****when it was a TSV earlier this year. (6 oz size).


Tough, less than 1/2 thick, looked like dark blood red calves liver in the package. TERRIBLE...and QVC gave a refund no questions asked.


IMHO, I think they buy the TSV rib eyes from the Walmart or Wegman's down the road from QVC....because what they are oooohing and aaaahing over in the demo is NOT what one gets in the package...


And I've noticed all these TV meat vendors lately use that "Cut with a fork"'s probably because the meat is injected with some kind of brine/sugar/"spice" least that's what those pork ribeyes have in them, and while watching HSN lately, Curtis Stone mentioned it in his demo while cutting soggy pork with his fork.


I can inject saline into the sole of my shoe. THat's NOT tender meat, it's solution.



Anyway, my opinion ONLY. I think the word "Reserve" means the steaks I got were reserved from the year 2000 ( better known as Y2K).


I notice Rick D. slightly tilts the frozen packaged meat so you see the top dimension, not how measly thin they are.


Walmart had choice black angus rib eyes for 15.97 a pound this week here in Western PA...really nice looking meat. Go take a look and get something not "reserved" in a New Jersey freezer  since Bush was president!!!!!! ( I was born in NJ!!)



One thing. Uruguay has some of the finest beef in the world. So do we of course. But please don't slam Uruguay as a source of beef. 



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I have never understood buying food from TV.  A specialty food store maybe but not from a shopping channel, JMHO.

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Just bought steaks and ground beef from LIDL in NJ and they are Rasetelli's...not the first time I saw them and bought them...Beats the Q price for sure.  it was in Garfield!

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I buy all my meats at Costco. I can see what I'm getting and the prices aren't to bad. I got 7 pounds of ground meat for around $26. I think it's 85% and not the 93% I would prefer but that's ok. 

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I have bought "grass fed" (not from Q) and it was like shoe leather, and I know how to cook a steak.  Incredibly tough.  Knew I would not buy "grass fed"  ever again.   

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@elated   The Southern part of South America is famous for its great beef, which of course must meet the same standards as that grown in the US.

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Argentina and Uruguay are famous for their beef and cattle ranches.  When I was in Buenos Aires years ago, it was a "must" to go to a certain restaurant for beef.  It was excellent and embarrasingly inexpensive (compared to the US price).  Argentina also produces a lot of very good leather products, for obvious reasons.  The company I was working for at the time, a major American food producer, sourced all their beef from Argentina.