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@twins mom wrote:
I really want a couple, but two not needed. Wish I could buy them that way
They might show up in the "as is" section a little later so I'd watch for them there.


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I only have one VPH wreath; hydrangeas and peonies.  It is lovely and it is as full and lush as it was shown on tv.  It came nicely boxed (which I kept) so it didn't get squished during transport.  

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Re: Question about Wreaths

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From Val's information - they are huge - around 23 inches wide - so do your measurement before ordering.  My front door full view glass outside door can only take an 18 inches wreath.  Otherwise the wreath not only covers the glass but the door frame too.  I thought "V" wreaths looked old style - 1950 ish.  Yes, they are full - perhaps too full.