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I'm watching Kerstin selling the TSV sheets and I heard her say you must have 3 sets of sheets for every bed in your home. Have I been neglecting my beds all this time ?  I didn't know that was a standard requirement for living in a home/apartment or whatever !

I actually have 4 sets for my queen size bed and 2 sets for my second bedroom. (twin)  So who's following the standard sheet guidelines ?  Woman SurprisedWoman LOL

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@Goodie2shoes You must?

I missed that memo.

I have 2 but prefer to just take 1 set off, wash it & remake the bed so I don't have to fold that fitted sheet!

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I have a lot of sheets.   I have seven queen beds in all and one twin.  We only regularly sleep in two queen beds at two different locations. The others are used on occasion, mostly for guests. I never counted how many sets I have.


When my children were really young and babies, I needed more than three crib sheets for each crib ( I had two kids in cribs at the same time) and more than three sets for twin beds.  I had to change them often...sometimes in the middle of the night.


Today, I normally just wash my sheets and put them right back on the same day, so if I only had one set for each bed and maybe one spare set, I could get by. 

I suppose if you didn't have a washer and dryer in your home, you would need more sets of sheets.

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I have 4 sets of king sheets and 2 sets for the guest bed that only gets used if one of us is sick.

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I have 1 set for each bed so take off, launder, put back folding required, that's my must have standard sheet requirement.

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If Kerstin says it, it must be true.




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@PhilaLady1 wrote:

If Kerstin says it, it must be true.




My thoughts exactly....haha.

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Re: Question about Sheets

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I probably have 3 sets of sheets total for our bed.  


I have no idea how many sheet sets my daughters have for their beds; they buy their own and store them in their bedrooms.  

I purged linens several years ago and only kept what I feel we need.  

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@PhilaLady1  wrote:


If Kerstin says it, it must be true.



Woman Very HappyWoman LOL


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Same here - hate folding fitted sheets.....wash, dry and put back on the bed.