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QVC2 Special Deal

Does anyone know what is the difference between the Earth Origins Sullivan sandal and the Sopie sandal.....both sold on QVC?  Thanks in Advance.

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Re: QVC2 Special Deal

I had my Sophies on when I saw the picture of them.  They sure looked the same although there was  just a slight difference in the perforations on the  strap.  The footbed looks the same.  Love my Sophies!

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Re: QVC2 Special Deal

I just purchased the Sophie this morning instead of the special deal, to me there wasn't much difference except the price and it was worth the extra to get a better selection of colors. I didn't like all the dark colors of the special deal so I ordered the grey in the Sophie.  $5 difference is all there is.  This is my first Earth sandals I have always bought Birks I hope I'm not making a mistake. I need the arch support for my flat feet. lol