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I'll add my 2 cents to this discussion.  I absolutely agree with the high shipping prices.  It's ridiculous when you are charged per item for shipping regardless of how many items you buy.  I worked for a company that did huge volumes in shipping on a yearly basis.  At the end of the year, both UPS and FedEx would give the company tens of millions in refunds due to their shipping volume.  So, in a nutshell, QVC is using shipping as a profit center instead of a cost.

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i don't care where the shipping cost is.


they can separate it out.


they can include it in the cost of goods and affect the price.


i am only interested in the total i am paying.


that is how i comparison shop and buy.   the total.



however, i think the 'free shipping' game is the way to go in todays world.    move it into the cost of goods and call it free.  


only a few will really comprehend it is not really free.





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I agree the shipping costs for multiple items are ridiculous.

Worse yet, it takes (what seems like) forever to ship - and then arrive. 

Plus, items sometimes arrive looking like they have been run over with a truck.

I ordered a few clearance items this week because they were free shipping.

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I know the subject is shipping however, today I was watching beauty IQ their new channel i was excited because the only brand I buy from QVC is Josie Maran I'm at work so I can't call in. I went on line to purchase protect & perfect wich was announce as an easy pay item. I go on line it did not show easy pay feature.  As many of us we don't have the item full amount of money to pay it all at the same time. That's why many of us love the easy pay. I went on the live chat line the lady was nice however, for my surprise guess what guys don't trust everything you see when it comes to choosing the way you want to pay an item. I was told by the chatting lady they didn't have that option on line. I was super dissapointed because it was the last sale of this super size for the year. So it you want to pay easy pay from beauty IQ channel  DON'T DO IT ON LINE.