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 I love fresh flowers and have them in my home every week 

I am so impressed by this arrangement ( especially in the blue and white vase ).

 I ordered the fuchsia....

 Did anyone else order?



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The arrangements do look beautiful. I can’t seem to get passed the artificial part. I am just in a time in life where i want the real thing. 

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 I know exactly what you mean and have never purchased artificial flowers before.

 Peonys  are hard to come by All year long. 

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Yes, I ordered it also & the small one in the smoke vase (both cream colored), I thought they were magnificent for artificial flowers!  I watched both of the videos with Alberti & he was raving about how real they looked too, so that was good enough for me!  

I am not sure where I am going to put them, but I know I will find a good spot, I think the smaller one in my bedroom & the large one in the blue & white vase in the living/dinning is hard for me to have real flowers, because I have two cats that are into everything, many flowers are poisonous to cats & I don’t want to take any chances!  

I am sure you will be able to find a place for them the way, they have several other arrangements from the Peony Co. from the UK. listed under New Items....

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Yes I ordered!! They are absolutely beautiful. I got the pink color and I am going back for the small one that comes with the bottle of fragrance for my mother who is a nursing facility!!! All her arrangements were gorgeous!

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 They are all beautiful choices ladies !   I helped her is beautiful in person as they looked in the video !   I will let you know my thoughts when I receive mine 

 Would love to know yours  

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Trader Joe’s should be getting their real ones in soon!  

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Re: QVC 2 peony TSV

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It must be nice to be able to always afford fresh flowers. No Trader Joe here

. I like these and they remind me of quality. But $16 in s&h to Alaska makes them a no for me.

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I was taken aback by the price, $45 and change for something I can get at Michael's for a whole lot less.


What a rip-off.

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My peony plant is in bloom.  I love it.