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Do these bag out like most knit jeans.  I love the comfort of stretch but hate the baggy knees and butt.  

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@chiclet  I cannot speak for that brand but if you buy a size too big (they are supposed to be tight) they will look baggy since there is extra material.   I have several brands that I like and none bag out but if I were to get a larger size they would look baggy.

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I will wait for AS IS or clearance.  I buy jeans from Costco and they are rarely over $14.95.  

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Re: QF dream jeans

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They run very big as QVC has vanity sizing. I ordered a X-small and I could have gotten another person in there with me when I was trying them on. It looked to me to be a size large or Xlarge. Not for me. The only line I order from  QVC now is Linea and I am a size small in all his clothing. Which is the correct size for me.

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I generally wear a Medium (12) in pants.  I have 2 pairs of  Dream Jeannes and yes they do bag out a bit but a smaller size for me would not work.  It would defeat the purpose of comfort if they were tight.  I have to say I am not abig fan of the pants as they are just not flattering at all and I find the quality not to be great.  However, I have many of the QF t-shirts, which most of them I love and still look new.  It's my go to clothing for vacations, always sparks up conversation!

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To me, these are not "jeans". They a soft material that look like denim, but the material stretches and bags. I bought one pair and would not buy another. 

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Yes, they bag quite a bit.

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Yes, I find that many of them "grow" throughout the day.

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Yes, they do bag out at the knees also the crotch stretches out.  Buying a smaller size would make the waist tighter.  I can't stand tight elastic around my waist.






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I’ve purchased a few times and find that the fabric does stretch out and after awhile feel the need to constantly be pulling them up. I’ve donated what I had and don’t plan to order anymore. Most QF fans seem to love this fabric.