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Q2 Big Deal : KA stand mixer - motor size?

I have the glass bowl model (which I hate bowl very heavy & cumbersome for me with arthritic hands).   But has 325w motor.


I was thinking of gifting mine & ordering today's for few reasons: ss bowl, flex beater.  BUT motor is only300 watt and not Artisan model.  


I wonder why smaller motor?

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Re: Q2 Big Deal : KA stand mixer - motor size?

My KA mixer is over 35 years  old.  The motor is only 250w.  I use it a few times a week and have since day one.  It runs beautifully and never fails me. It's the tilt back model Artisan model.  I have never wanted to get a new one for the bigger motor...never needed it.


I have two SS bowls...the one that came with it and another one that I purchased separately. I also have a few different types of beaters including the flex beater.   My KA is heavy.....they all are.


It might be more prudent for you to just purchase a new SS bowl and flex beater.  Why buy a whole new mixer?

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Re: Q2 Big Deal : KA stand mixer - motor size?



What a great idea to purchase the ss bowl....guess I was having "another moment" WHY didn't I think of it!!! 😳I'm sure they are interchangeable.


Before I purchased my original Pro600 lift one I was using my grandmothers from the 1950s.  It was perfect but I wanted a new one...


I downsized recently to the tilt head model and love everything about it.  


Kitchen Aid mixers last forever IMO along with the wonderful fun baking memories we make with our mixers!


Thanks for the idea😊