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@LindaSal wrote:

I like the Jonathan Paul line too.  Though mine are on the bigger side, I feel they need to be to fitover my reading glasses.  Theya re nice quality though and provide excellent sun protection.  I have a  pair of the Prive sunglasses and a pair of cheaters, neither of which I really like.

I use the Jonathan Paul fitovers too.  I prefer them not only for the quality, but because I need mine smaller.

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@KACEE1115 wrote:

I know that today's special is fit overs but my gosh they look so over size big. I have had to return a set of two that I had purchased previously, did not think the quality was there at all, compared to the Jonathan Paul line.  Will wait later to see how these look on other models.

They would have to be to fit over your other glasses; as an aside, I find all his frames huge and not a good look on people with smaller faces.  I don't care for his products and I feel he is just another stage star looking to make $$$$ off the public.  AND they spend way too much air time on his products.  

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I guess they have to be big to fit over regular glasses, but I think I would look silly in these. Maybe they're more suitable for people with larger faces.

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Go big or go home. Woman LOL 









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@Krimpette @My glasses are large with lenses that are long top to bottom and I hope these fit overs work too. I think they're cute!

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I love Prive Reveaux.   I have many of their readers ands sunglasses. They are excellent quality.   I do not baby any of my glasses.  I have even sat on a pair of readers and they didn't break or fall apart.  I ordered 2 pair of the fit overs.  I love the way they block out the sun that creeps over the top,of your glasses and the sides.  I ordered the black and the green camo.   Looking forward to getting t hem.  Big sunglasses are very much in style