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I know that today's special is fit overs but my gosh they look so over size big. I have had to return a set of two that I had purchased previously, did not think the quality was there at all, compared to the Jonathan Paul line.  Will wait later to see how these look on other models.

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I bought that set of 2. They’ve held up well. One pair resides in the door pocket of my car and I haven’t been careful with at all. I like the bigger size for fitovers. They fit over my larger glasses.
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I was tempted but decided not to buy.  They do look large and after checking Amazon there are plenty of other options.  Plus I don't want that box.  Originally, I thought it was 2 eyeglasses they were selling.

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My latest glasses are much larger than my current sunglasses. Just ordered 2 of the TSV.  Hope they fit!

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Agree, I got them last year and they were too big, so I will pass. I wish there was a type of fitover that really looked good.  I am very nearsighted so I need to wear them all the time when I'm out, so far I'm not really happy with any fitovers.  I'm just accepting what I can't change. Prescription sunglasses would be expensive. 

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I'm looking for a very dark lense and these don't seem dark enough for me.

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I am not at all impressed with this line of sunglasses or reading glasses. They won't get me again.

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I like the Jonathan Paul line too.  Though mine are on the bigger side, I feel they need to be to fitover my reading glasses.  Theya re nice quality though and provide excellent sun protection.  I have a  pair of the Prive sunglasses and a pair of cheaters, neither of which I really like.

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I wish this line sold wrap arounds that were not fitovers.  I want sun protection on the sides as well as glare protection but not cheap plastic glasses like the blublocker co. makes. I thought those were very ugly plus broke easily.  The ones advertised that are worn by the military are way more money than I want to pay but they sure do look like they fit the bill.  I unsubscribed from their emails so sorry I can't recall their name at the  moment