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I was watching the Quacker Factory show, and was shocked how high the prices have gone up in a year!!!  Are people really buying these clothes at these outrageous prices?  Everything on QVC has gone up so much!!  People are struggling to find jobs and keep food on the table.  I don't understand how they get away with such high prices? 

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There so called "sales" are ridiculous!!  QVC never has good sales, and when they do there's nothing left in my size!!

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OMG yes was just looking at some boot and come on 195.00 or 200.00 that is just crazy and way out of my budget.  I had to look twice to see if I was seeing things will just keep looking until they are on clearance and hopefully they will come down ALOT!!!!!!

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I agree too. I see things that are cute, then I look at the price and say no. Back in the spring my step-daughter got a job at a bank. She needed some clothes, so I bought her several cute tops and slacks at Gab's, an outlet store in our state. I think I spent about $150.00. She now has several cute outfits to wear to work. 

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I have to admit I just keep throwing things onto my "wish list" due to the price.  It's sad.  Back in the day I had very few items on my wish list, now I'm almost maxed out at 200.  And yeah their sale prices if you add in the shipping usually comes close to the original price but minus a buck or two of shipping.  I understand the need for a profit but boy, when people can find the same or similar items else where and the shopping experience is better (ie: like free shipping and returns) much as they might like QVC they are going to go else where.  And they are pricing themselves out of a whole segment of buyers.  Yes there will be people willing to pay what they are asking, but there are a bunch that are going to exit and if the experience and pricing never changes they won't come back.  

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Unfortunately just about everything is getting more expensive!

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Yes the Q prices have increased - however I was shopping the local stores today and bought a beautiful Berkshire blanket - King size for $29.95, also picked up 2 high quality bath towels for $7.99 each, plus matching hand towels (2 for $7.99) and wash clothes (the big ones 4 for $7.99).  Total $93 dollars and by using the store CC. ot also goes towards a $10 reward.  


I wore my Logo waffle knit top ($54.57) and stopped to look at two similar knit tops, not the same design, but felt identical - $16.99 and $19.99).  I am about through with the Q because of the prices, their designer items are being replicated in brick and mortor stores for less.  Thankfully, the stores are finally getting goods in again.

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Logically I understand that QVC has expenses that most B & M stores do not have. However, that's not my problem. My job is to watch how I spend my disposable income.


  • Just by saying that something is elevated, or that you can easily put a 1 or 2 in front of that number during the sales spiel, does not impress this buyer.
  • Neither does offering several easy pays change the total amount that you are selling items for.
  • Offering free shipping when you have raised the prices from what they were the day before does not work for me either. 


The prices are out of hand for the quality of what you are selling and we as consumers are receiving. The only category that I feel that you still might have a slight edge would be in the beauty category.

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Macys definitely beats Q in quality and value any day. Their sales are fantastic and shipping is free for me.