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@lynnie61 wrote:

I try to bargain shop.  I check as is, especially on free shipping days.  I got two SG tops (a set of a print and a solid). 25.  Buying on the regular site, 61.00 same shirts, mine was 25, never worn,   I still get great deals in Macy’s, but haven’t been there in a year.  


Got a beautiful Martha winter sweater on LTS, was 76, paid 28, then the pricing went to 22, and I got the difference refunded.  Bought it six days earlier.  It is very, very nice quality.  


I’m not paying $60 for one tank, but to each their own, not judging anyone’s choices and spending.  

Good for you !  What is LTS?  I'm not so good at abbreviations. 

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Re: Prices are just to high

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@ChouChou   it’s lunchtime specials.  You can search from 11 am to 4 pm, I believe.  Some stay days, some times only a day or two.  The prices go back up outside of those hours.   It’s usually limited sizes or limited colors.  Several categories, fashion, jewelry, home, kitchen, shoes, handbags.  


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Yes, I agree...once you add shipping, and tax, it's close to another $10.00 depending on the if you return, another fee...I shop a lot online, but it's free shipping and free returns. 

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And I know where you shopped because I bought something and had to return it. My money was put back that week and no charges. Wow, was that a treat. A return and happy!! I like that much better.
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I have to add this. Kim is beautiful and she has lost a lot of weight!. Maybe her tops will slim down some with her. I find these tops all are to wide and long on the bottom.
It doesn't cover anything or hide anything only shows more I think. I don't want a mini dress top. I like it 1-2 inches below my waist so its neat not sloppy. Or the rounded bottoms like the old days.
Different bodies and shapes, make us all happy and lower prices. Please. After all, made in China for peanuts.
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There are some items that are worth the price because I am hard to fit & tall. I buy classic styles & stay away from trendy things. Still not going out much since Covid. I am fully vaccinated because it's the only way I can see my Mom in her nursing home.


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Re: Prices are just to high

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I agree with the OP.  By the time you add shipping & tax it's no longer a deal.  I have been shopping ebay & amazon for deals & been satisfied.

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The prices have

 gotten out of control... Marshall's, TJ Max.... I just saw LoGo jeans at Burlington for less than $8.00... And, though I love the designers.. I don't care how good your t shirt is.... I can get TEN t shirts for your prices... and just throw them away when I get a stain on it!

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@Teddixat wrote:

@Abrowneyegirl   !Free money not to work. You have got to be kidding!!!

Yup, no workers, and people get paid to stay home. What a gimmick. 

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@bonnielu wrote:

All clothing prices seem to be high. I prefer getting my wardrobe at Walmart.  (I am not kidding).  I buy by color and style. And just to add even clearance and AS IS have higher than usual price points.  

@bonnielu  I always check out clothing at WM before I go to groceries. This season I fell in love with some basic Tees made with 60% pima cotton and 40% polyester. I just needed some for around the house. They are very comfortable, launder well, and were about $6. then reduced to under $5. recently . I bought a lot. I buy a larger size than normal for around the house , then next down if for other purposes.