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After all the glitz and glamour of the holiday shows I find I am looking forward to autumnal decor of pumpkins, sunflowers and teal. Even Homeworx scents. I just feel more homey this time.

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Me too.

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I am always excited for fall, it's my favorite time of the year!

I love the decor and the scents also.   We enjoy our summers in the northeast but we have a fairly short season.  It's okay with me though, I can only take the hot temperatures and humidity for so long, come Labor Day weekend it's bring on the fall!!!

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TRAVELER, we can also enjoy the decor for 3 or 4 months not just one.  I love my Christmas things but to put something together from the shows was not worth the price.

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Well, durn. I meant to put this in the Holiday forum.

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I love everything "fall" and I also love to decorate for Halloween. I just purchased a 15 inch ceramic Halloween tree.Pic below. September 1st I will have my fall decorations out. October 1st the Halloween stuff is out, then the fall comes back until I decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. I just wish the fall season was a little longer. 


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@matyliz That's me, too.  I prefer other seasons, other decor.


But were it not for QVC, I wouldn't have my collection of Joan Rivers eggs -  some of which I keep out in a bowl year round.  I bought only the first 3 years, but that dozen has given me great pleasure --  and since 12 are more than fit well into the bowl I use, I get to change my display whenever I want.



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Re: Prefer autumnal decor

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I don't know how much decorating I'll do this year for either fall or Christmas, but fall is historically my favorite time of year and I do enjoy fall decor... I could only wish fall lasted longer and summer and winter (though we don't seem to get much winter anymore) were shorter... In what used to pass for 'normal', I always looked forward to fall colors and pumpkins of all types... Christmas is fleeting and I seem to enjoy decorating for it less each year... This year, we couldn't really enjoy spring, and summer, although I'm not a fan of the heat and humidity, is passing by, largely unobserved as well... I guess it remains to be seen whether I'll feel like pulling out the fall decorating items and exactly how festive any of us will feel by the time Christmas rolls around...

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Oh I much prefer my American decor that I display from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. I'm a total Summer lover. Fall? Yuck, you've got to be kidding me! I live in upper Michigan and we have plenty of our long cold winter days. I hate when the weather turns cold. 

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 @ID2 , Summer? Yuck, you've got to be kidding me!

Bring on the beautiful fall leaves, scents, temps, comfort foods, pumpkins, and decor. Fall is amazing!