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No threads about it.

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I bought it last year sometime and used it only once but it's great !

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I think it 's a good price and a great size for a family.  I decided to buy the SHAQ smokeless (smaller) grill and LOVE IT.  It runs rings around any other indoor "grill" I've owned and we use it all the time.  It's also easy to clean and I noticed that the Power xl was very similar to the one I own.  I only just bought it about 6 months ago.  Very happy with this style griller.... Woman Happy 

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always disappointed in Eric's products: claims 'only' place to get copper pans only to find everywhere, inc drug stores. the air fryer was big, heavy, clunky and the non stick quickly peeled (as noted by others). I tried one of these grills: big, awkward, footprint big, not impressed. in short, I have returned all of his products and will never buy again. 


I bought a Kaloric Pro from the triple B store. its a panini/grill with reversible plates: grill or flat; can set different temps for upper/lower, opens 180 to lay flat and can still use two different cook surfaces..  I use it mulitple times a week and have had it almost a year and absolutely LOVE it. much better for my needs. in fact, I use the grill, open top so I only have one grill plate to clean. huge drip tray that's out of sight and easy to empty. grill plates and drip cup go in dishwasher. 

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Buy a NINJA, the grill is excellent.

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Re: Power xl smokeless tsv

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My son bought his on Amazon for about $30 cheaper without the griddle but I'm not going to buy this one for $100 plus.  I don't believe the original price they are quoting.



I am editing this as I went to Amazon and checked.  The only one that is $149 is the stainless.  The colors are $115.  I think it works out to be about the same price and if you have Amazon prime you get it shippied within a few days.





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I had a negative experience with mine.  My post about it is in the other tread about the TSV:


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