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I bet they will soon appear in smaller configurations...maybe at retail outlets.

I tried testers  of both Magnolia and Desert Rose at Ulta and didn't care for either.

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I am assuming that several of the choices will smell fruity.  I purchased the new Mandarin scent as I love anything orange scented. I am happy the TSV has more body wash instead of lotion. I am well stocked with lotion, not so with body wash.

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Telling me your nine year old daughter loves the smell of new Summer Spritzer in her bathroom several times really does not intice me to purchase! They also pour a half a cup of the Shower gel and suds it all up when it used to be use  a quarter size on your poof. I do understand how it works.

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I received my TSV yesterday. I chose Basil Cucumber Cooler. Unfortunately, I will have to return it because the scent is so potent, it gave me a headache! So disappointed because the fragrance is wonderful. ARGHHH!!! Smiley Frustrated

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I ordered 2 sets. Mimosa and Basil Cucumber. However they sent me Fresh Cream instead of ther Basil so I need to either just return or exchange. I love FC but am stock piled. But what a pain to have to return..


I absolutely LOVE the mimosa. Wow, what a great scent. Starts very fruity then turns slihtly floral. It is perect. 

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I always buy the Philosophy TSV's. I bought the Summer Tea Spritzer and I really like the scent. My Granddaughter said my shower looks like a spa. I just enjoy using the different scents. I am single so I have enough shower gel for our community. 

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@suburbanone   Since it is their error, they should not charge you for the return/exchange.  Make it clear it was an error on their part and request the correct item.    

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I like the basil cucumber ... my next one will be coconut splash.  Hope like that one as much as I do the Basil Cucumber.  



@Sweetbay magnolia  

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@Patty Thyme wrote:

I like the basil cucumber ... my next one will be coconut splash.  Hope like that one as much as I do the Basil Cucumber.  



@Sweetbay magnolia  

@Patty Thyme  I ordered the Coconut Splash in last year's TSV and can't smell the coconut. I wouldn't buy it again. I'm glad that you like the Basil Cucumber, though. That one sounded good!

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HI, @Patty Thyme - I enjoy coconut splash, especially in the spring and summer.  It has an "astringent" quality that I personally like.  For instance, I love the smell of geranium leaves and marigolds, and even tomato plants.


I used to love wearing 4711 cologne (though that is more lemon-y).


I like deep woodsy scents, too.  I just read a piece in my newspaper about how passe heavy scents are (according to some).  That's why I like Philosophy, and I do get compliments even though it can be subtle.

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