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This has to be the most disappointing TSV.... Purity AGAIN???

I am just about done with Philosophy at this point.

They got rid of all of the good and replaced it with junk and why are thy pushing the purity? Last month if was two of the clay mask, that was already part of a TSV previously.

Seems like they are just trying to get rid of the overstock they have, which is sad because this time of year we are all looking forward to sumer fragrance.

Also totally bummed that the supersize oils sold out so quick. I don't thikn they anticipated how polular they would be.

Bring us some fragrance goodies please!!

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Just so happy to see this TSV.....perfect. I was almost out of my all time favorite cleanser. I love Philosophy. 

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@JesssMe wrote:

Philosophy is not a " clean " company.  You are paying your good money on cheap filler junk that they put in their products.  Why would you buy from a company that doesn't  do the right thing for their customers?

There are plenty of companies that actually care enough to not put junk in their products.  Think about where you are spending your money.

I actually don't care about whether beauty is "clean" or not. I'm allergic or sensitive to many natural ingredients found in clean beauty. Coconut oil breaks me out, but mineral oils works well for me in some products. I read ingredient labels and don't worry too much about unproven studies.


For me, it's less important to have a clean beauty label than to have ingredients that I know work for me.

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I agree this is a very inspired TSV.  I don't use this cleanser anyhow but what were they thinking?  Is this a one for me, one for you TSV that is supposed to be shared?


Wasn't their last TSV those huge tubes of Pore Extractor?

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I just don't understand the need for that much Purity.  When I buy those large bottles, one last me almost a year.  No need for 2 that size.

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I do like the cleanser, but it’s too much of a good thing too often.
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Agree, too much of one item. I use Purity since forever, but it is way too much for one person to use before it goes bad. 

Sigh.... One of those bottles and something else would have worked for me.

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Who the heck would need that much Purity cleanser? Crazy. They must be cleaning out a warehouse or something..
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Disappointing.   They stated they have not had an “all purity” TSV since 2013.  Way too much.  Not a chance ever, to use that much.  AD is every nine months.  Maybe good if you had an entire house full of woman using it, or a large family to share.  There is always your QVC gift closet.   (Kidding, but I do have a gift shelf) but it’s not full of Purity and D&B.  😋😋😋

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@ocookie wrote:
I do like the cleanser, but it’s too much of a good thing too often.


@ocookie: My words exactly. For me, this TSV would be a lifetime supply!!! LOL