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Easy pass for me.  Good thing because I have way too much in the skincare category.  Need to use what I have.

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Well this is disappointing at best. This has to be one of the worst TSVs I’ve seen from them. I was hoping for something new or something from the vault. Easy pass...
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They must have ALOT of old stock on that pore product to do a TSV like this!  I tried it when 1st launched and should have sent it back....does NOTHING to clean out my pores.  


I agree it is a really awful TSV

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I actually have the 5 oz. from an old TSV.  I know many swear by it, but it is way too drying on my skin and kinda hard to remove.  It is a good deal for those who love it.  My new favorite mask is the Lancer acid peel.

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I don't need skincare anyhow but I'm surprised that this is the TSV.


I can understand including a Pore Extractor but why would I want 2 super-sizes?  


I bought a small 1oz size of this when it was first introduced.  It's an okay product for me but not something I would use more than once a week on my drier skin.  I only put it on areas where I have visible pores which for me is my chin and nose.  I would never use up 10oz of product.   

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My 15-year-old daughter uses this mask weekly.  Honestly, one supersized tube lasts a long time even with regular use.  I can't get excited about this TSV.  I, too, was hoping for some new or interesting scents or, even better, a collection of the new "natural" skincare.  Instead, this.  Sigh.

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I love the Philosophy Pore Extractor.  However, I only use it about once every two weeks, so I still have plenty, and I'm not interested in the facial cleansing cloths.  Not getting this TSV.


Separately.....I see that Lisa, the former Clarisonic rep, has now joined the Philosophy Team.  I've always like Lisa, so I wish her luck!  Right now, they just have her as their social media person while the main Philosophy rep is presenting with the QVC host (Carolyn Gracie, this morning).



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I can see this configuration as a OTO but not as a TSV. Too much product and would dry up before used up in my house. Odd choice.

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I do not like any Philosophy products - just my two cents.
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What a strange TSV to present...🤔..Who needs all this Pore Extractor even if u do use it on a fairly regular basis? As posters have said, they must have a lot of inventory that hasn’t moved and they need to move it out. You would think they would have put together a ni scent based set to look forward to beginning of Spring!