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@Bellini13  Thank you for the nice apologize.  Mistakes happen have a great day.

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My opinion only, Dana is beautiful, she is of a certain age and at some point we will all experience that lived a life look whether we use an expensive product or not🤷🏻‍♀️
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Re: Perricon TSV May 2?

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@layla2450    I think Dana's face is full of fillers and Botox. However she's only 50 years old and most people still look good at 50 unless they just have bad genetics.   I look at pictures of myself at 50, and I didn't have a wrinkle or any saggy skin anywhere on my body.  Fast forward 20 years and the story is very different and I have bought into expensive skin care and creams until I wised up.


There is no cream or serum in the world that will stop gravity.  There is no way Pericone would be giving away a miracle cream supposedly worth $495 for free.  If his stuff was that great he wouldn't have to give it away.

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Has any one else noticed that the same 60ish model that was on the Perricone demonstration is those same one spreading body butter and argon milk I. The Josie Maran demonstrations?
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Are we sure she has passed away? She posted on Instagram 2 and 4 days ago.  She was getting ready to travel to Phoenix for a conference on breast cancer.

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There is a FALSE obit for Dana from some unknown person, citing NO facts, written TWO WEEKS AGO! Talks about her life. Found it thru Google search. How sick.


As someone reported here, 2 days ago she posted on instagram. She may or may not be weaker and might have decided to concentrate her energies on living rather than program appearances.

These things have been going around on facebook recently, but usually for someone famous.  Just the other day I saw one for Angelina Jolie.  Before that it was Justin Bieber.  Not sure the purpose of such posts.  I consider them Clickbait in that somehow the poster must get paid for the number of people who actually click on the post to read the "devastating news".  

I just saw one for Gladys Knight.